Automatic EU-VAT reclaim - transforming data into real money

When travelling to other EU countries, travel expenses like hotel, restaurant, car rental, taxi, venues etc. include local VAT. The VAT can be reclaimed, but up till now it has been a manual, complex and time-consuming process.

Vattax solves this issue and seamlessly – in real time – leverages the data, collected in the Cardholder Travel Expense Management app, to reclaim EU-VAT. Building on the platform from Cardlay, Vattax transforms the data into real money.

Automatic EU VAT reclaim (01:24)

Reclaim up to 20% of your business expenses.

Annual business expenses

Your potential VAT reclaim


Average VAT reclaim in the SEPA countries is 17%

Built on data enrichment and machine learning

VAT reclaim engine

The Vattax VAT reclaim engine is based on a strong cooperation between market leading banks, providers of international payment cards, accounting consultancies, travel data providers, and an intelligent data engine that finds and structures VAT data for automatic reclaim.

Solid partnerships

Vattax has close partnerships with market leading payment card issuers and specialists, considered to be global tax and VAT experts - to ensure correct and user-friendly digital process for VAT reclaim as well as QA of data.

At least EUR 5.5 billion

remains un-reclaimed on an annual basis in Europe.

Developed in cooperation with some of the best tax advisers in the world

In close cooperation with partners, specialists, the tax authorities and reference customers, Vattax has developed a digital process to retrieve and enrich data. QA of data and the reclaim process to tax authorities is done with advanced machine learning and AI.

  • “This app is different because it eliminates the manual VAT reclaim process. The solution handles between 90 and 95% of all transactions”

    Claus Boldt
    Head of Indirect Taxes PwC - to Børsen
  • “At Lunar Way we attend meetings, visit fairs and work with our network especially in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, so a lot of money is spent on accommodation, travel and purchases. Being able to get money back from the VAT we have paid is money that we did not count on, before using vattax.”

    Peter Andreasen
    CFO, Lunar Way

How it works

  • 1.Payment

    Vattax works in close cooperation with Cardlay to retrieve data directly from payment card transactions, by recognising and optimising the data in real time when it is received by vattax. Payments can be made both offline and online. The software platform, which is developed in close cooperation with Cardlay, can even handle private payments by making a payment and then tagging it with the information necessary in order to comply with the European VAT regulations.

    NextReceipts & Information
  • 2.Receipts & Information

    Vattax collects all possible information digitally, and receipts can be obtained automatically if they are digital. Otherwise, it is an easy and rapid process to attach a photo for a transaction, plus additional tags to comply with individual corporate rules.

    NextVAT reclaim engine
  • 3.VAT reclaim engine

    Vattax has developed a VAT reclaim engine to recognise, optimise and structure data from payment card users, through machine learning and AI, to ensure a seamless process for the collection and QA of data for its customers. The processes in the engine are developed according to differentiated European country rules, in cooperation with tax and VAT specialists:

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  • 4.Digital Reclaim of Money

    VAT is differentiated from country to country, not only in different percentages, but also in differentiated compliance rules for cost categories. This being Car Rental, Accommodation, Dining of customers, who ́s attending and much more. Vattax help structure data for reclaim according to rules of the country and digitally prepare and re-claim potential VAT from Various countries simultaneously in Europe.

Automatic EU-VAT reclaim

Get your money back

If your company is not already reclaiming EU-VAT on business travel expenses like hotel, restaurant, car rental, taxi, venues etc. - you should get started now with processing your data, for direct savings of up to 20%. Take the test above to check out your potential return of cash.

Developed in cooperation

with PwC

Vattax is developed and maintained in cooperation with PwC. Based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and robot technology Vattax fully automates a very complex and time-consuming manual process into a smooth, fast, digital and automated reclaim of EU-VAT. Returning cash to corporate businesses.

Did you know

Four in five companies never reclaim their EU-VAT

More than 4/5 of all payment card transactions, made by employees on business trips, are never accounted for in terms of VAT refunds - as it is complex and time-consuming process. This constitutes a direct loss for companies of up to 20% of travel expenses.


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Jørgen Christian Juul is the founder of Cardlay and has extensive experience from holding Executive positions in listed companies and other corporate organisations, and at the same time being an entrepreneur. In his most recent position, he served as Executive Chairman at Wallmob, which he founded, operated, and sold to the Nordic IT Conglomerate Visma.
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Vattax by Cardlay

Vattax is an automated VAT reclaiming platform that, through integrations, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), reclaims VAT with no effort required by the claiming companies.

More than 80% of European companies do not reclaim the paid VAT, even though they are entitled to. For the majority it is a question of not having the required resources to collect and structure data plus apply for the potential claim. Usually you can reclaim the VAT paid on goods and services purchased for use on your business travel, but

many CFOs decide that ”The gain is not worth the pain”. Vattax has, in close cooperation with PwC , developed a seamless VAT reclaim software and process - including QA assessment. Vattax is a business line of Cardlay A/S.
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